Why you should join in with Forces Fitness?

  • It’s good for your mind and body

    Recent trials have found that outdoor exercise is associated with an increase in energy and revitalization as well as decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension compared to when exercising indoors.

  • It makes you feel better about yourself

    Research from the University of Essex confirms that when working out in the green environment it improves your self esteem

  • Soak up the sunshine benefits

    Get that well deserved Vitamin D3 from your outdoor sessions it’s important to your bone health and metabolic function.

  • Outdoor fitness may be easier for you to stick with

    -Canadian researchers have found that people have reaped the rewards when working out outdoors.

  • Team work to stimulate the brain

    Not only do our sessions challenge you mentally and physically they will stimulate your mind and body whilst also improving your communication and above all it’s FUN!