Forces Fitness Ltd is a Veteran Owned Business that has now worked with over 700 schools and 45,000 Learners across the UK on an fantastic health and well-being program. During the awards they were awarded with four Awards for all the great work they have been doing within the local community to UK National Level.
The four awards included the overall business growth Wales Business of the year award for 2024:
  • Wellness and lifestyle Award
  • Brand Impact Award
  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • Business Growth Wales Business of the year
Sean Molino BCA (Director of Forces Fitness stated)
We are so proud of our amazing team! It definitely wouldn’t happen without all the hard work they put in Inspiring our clients and learners. Thanks to all the schools, colleges, organisations, places of education, sports clubs and Local Authorities that work with us and our partners including the Army in Wales who have assisted our team of military veterans with our programs across the UK. Thanks to all the organisers and well done to all the finalists, our team had a great night!”