Our  award winning Forces Fitness program has started to be delivered in the county of Flintshire starting with St Ethelwolds School. We are really looking forward and extremely excited to see the development of our program with Flintshire County Council and across North Wales over the coming months!

Well done to all the children who took part in the first session with amazing feedback and getting on the 100% on the Quiz – Dai Iawn!!

We are looking forward to working with the Local Authorities, Partners, Schools and of course the fantastic children and learners in North Wales going Forward. Our long term goal has always been to be able to improve our future generations Health and well-being in all of Wales. We honestly love Inspiring our future generation with our team of qualified Military Veterans!

With comments like the below from our learners and participants we can see why it’s been such a great success!

“I had a fun time and I don’t exercise much”

“we were communicating to each other to try and win the games, i had so much fun.”
“I really enjoyed doing all the activities and I would like if we have another chance to do it again”
“The activities were fun and helped us gain more knowledge about the army/military”
“I learnt to never give up if you fail”


Thanks to everyone who have supported this and who continue to do so to date for more information on our Forces Fitness programs follow the link – SCHOOLS & COLLEGES – Forces Fitness


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