Children’s Well-being currently stands at a ten year Low, when problems start, they struggle to get help or do not know where to turn. I think it’s safe to say we all want our children and young people to lead a happy healthy life, to feel good about themselves and be able to be safe.

Well-being is described as how we feel about ourselves and evaluate our lives as a whole.

A Low Well-being has been linked to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Health is one of the top things that people say matters to well-being and a good health is linked with higher life satisfaction.

It’s is extremely important to understand what effects our children’s well-being, A healthy balanced lifestyle is key for their personal well-being, achieving and maintaining growth and to leading a happy healthy life.

Let’s look at the below areas that can affect our children’s Health and Well-being

Diet and Nutrition

A Healthy balanced diet is essential when growing up, ensuring our children drink enough Water and consume a High Fibre, low GI Carbohydrate diet including – Protein, small amount of dairy, good fats and plenty of Fruit and Vegetables is a great way to start this will stimulate physical and psychological development underpinning brain development. This is a time when general eating habits are formed. We are all human and my children do eat some sweets and the odd fizzy drinks, but I do ensure I moderate them!

Rest, Recovery and Sleep.

Every child needs to rest and recover and get a good night’s sleep, lack of sleep and rest can contribute to anxiety and depression. The body has a basic physiological need to rejuvenate, repair, grow and this is equally as important as a balanced diet.

Embrace the Outdoors.

It’s good for your mind and body – Recent trials have found that outdoor exercise and walking in nature is associated with an increase in energy and revitalization as well as decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension compared to when exercising indoors. It makes you feel better about yourself. Research from the University of Essex confirms that when working out in the green environment it improves your self-esteem. Soak up the sunshine benefits. Get that well deserved Vitamin D3, it’s important to your children’s bone growth, health and metabolic function.


Social media and modern technology have taken over our lives. It can have a positive effect and a negative effect, and we all need to take a break at times, and this includes our children. Whether it is giving them set times on computers, TV’s or iPad remember its really important look after their health and well-being and too much time sat in front of modern technology can affect this!

Play Time

Play allows children to develop their imagination and use their creativity. Play is so important to a healthy brain development. Its through play that children of a young age learn how to engage and interact with the world around them.

Love, affection, and support

It is important for our children to feel good about themselves when they feel valued and know that someone is special to them and acknowledges their efforts, this promotes positive relationships, strength, boosts their self-esteem and helps towards independence. Feeling of love and affection appear to have a number of health benefits including stabilising your moods and the release of the hormone oxytocin can have a positive effect on the way your children feel.

Listening to your Children

Listening is always the first step in solving problems, it is very important to listen to your children and encourage them to talk to you. Giving opportunities to experience a rich language environment to express themselves, speak and listen, even stimulate curiosity about nature or the wider environment, this will strengthen your bond, It encourages Open Communication, Builds self-esteem, Develops social skills and creates emotional awareness.

Health and hygiene

It’s very important to Establish a daily Health and Hygiene routine for body care, eg, brushing your teeth, bathing, hand washing and also your nail hygiene these habits need to be reinforced and taught in the early years to protect against infections, illness and germs, doing this also helps children develop independence, responsibility and boosts self-esteem.


Everyone needs a routine as this provides a high level of stability which will promote confidence, structure and resilience towards challenges in life. You can change the content of the routine to ensure the children have fun!

Fun and Smiles!

Let’s not forget our children need to have fun in their lives as do we as adults, I think we all love spending our time with our friends socialising. Having fun and doing things they enjoy that make them smile are key to any routine, its

Important to ensure we make this happen. Having fun smiling and enjoying ourselves can make our children smarter, healthier, and more confident. 

Lets help and support our children of today to build a better future for tomorrow!’

Mr Sean Molino BCA

Director Forces Fitness Ltd

For more info Health and well-being for adults go to:  Your Health and Well-being with Forces Fitness – Forces Fitness



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