I’ve never been particularly fit and started coming to Forces Fitness after I decided to join the army at 29 years old! I was doing my own training programme with running and various gym work but needed something a bit different and a bit more motivational.

I turned up for my first session by myself and immediately felt welcome and made friends straight away. I realised that there was a good mix of people, from the unfit to the very fit and it really didn’t matter how good I was, it was the effort that I put in that made all the difference Since then I attended once or twice a week where I could and loved the fact that all the exercise is outdoors in all kinds of weather! There are lots of team competitions which are fun and for all levels and then there are good individual workouts depending on how much you want to put into it. The instructors are brilliant and very experienced, always willing to offer advice and guidance for those who want to take their training further. Although the exercises are designed for civilians, I found that many of them were repeated during my army training and I felt much more prepared having attended Forces Fitness. I still go along whenever I’m on leave and love to join in and I always try to encourage my friends and family to come along too!