Forces Fitness Bootcamp Weekend is not something you do without a bit of preparation – it’s a tough, full on 2 days.
However, it is designed for all levels of fitness so don’t worry if you’re not a dedicated gym goer. Try and have a few runs before you book up though!
The 2 days are literally jam-packed with exercises and challenges to push you. You won’t stop all day – well they don’t call it bootcamp for nothing! Oh, and there aren’t big gaps between classes so don’t think you’ll be getting a 30-minute recovery break and a beer…
Seriously though, it’s all done safely and it’s great fun. Sean (our military trainer) is a real character which, to be honest really made the 2 days hilarious. He will have his eye on you at all times so no chance of slacking off (that’s 100 burpees…..).
The accommodation is basic – bring a mirror ladies. The food is absolutely lovely so you won’t go hungry. Plenty of water, juice, nuts fruit as well during the day.
Overall, I would say this was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. It’s fantastic value for money and it’s a real blast. I came back feeling fitter, stronger and really motivated to continue all the good work i’d put in.
If this Bootcamp was a bit close I’d book up every month. You have to give it a try.